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Uniformed Unarmed Security Officers

Bay Valley Security Officers will provide state of the art security guard and patrol services at any location, at any time. All our Unarmed Officers are put through a rigid background check and have a clean driving record.

Uniformed Armed Security Officers

All Armed Security Officers are fully licensed with firearms, baton and pepper spray permits. We provide our security officers with on-going training in weapons and safety measures that is above the state’s requirements. Security Officers undergo crowd control training as well.

Plain Clothes

Plain clothes officers are regular officers in plain clothes that are usually used for properties that require low profile Security Officers.

Bike Patrol

Bike patrols are mobile units that excel at covering even large areas very quickly. Our Bike Patrol Officers come highly experienced and are in top physical and mental condition. The high visibility of a mobile bike patrol unit acts as a very effective deterrent against potential criminal activity.

Vehicle Patrol Units

Vehicle Patrol units are used to patrol residential and commercial properties, and for quick response to different locations that may cover a wide area.

Foot Patrol

Foot patrol officers patrol different properties on foot for more safety protections and more thorough and detailed observations.